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April, 2017

Components of SAT Exam

This article shall explore the various components of SAT exam. It shall enable you as an aspirant to get a bird’s eye view of each of these components. The main objective is to get clarity of them and plan preparations accordingly. Reading Reading Section basically tests the knowledge you have learnt in your High School. […]

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Tips for Exam Preparations

Many students aspire to achieve greater heights in their lives. Entrance exams, competitive tests, aptitude tests like SAT, ACT, IB, IGCSE, AP have become an integral part of it. But a very important segment to understand the various problems faced by the students in this cut-throat competition during Exam Preparation. This article shall explore the […]

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Common mistakes made in SAT and ACT!

In the journey of exams, mistakes form an integral part of learning. Interestingly, there is a very good theory related to mistakes. Mistakes are categorised on the basis of knowledge. There are two types of mistake:- Mistakes of Ineptitude:- You have the knowledge of a particular topic and yet you do a mistake. This is […]

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SAT vs ACT : 7 Key Differences to Pick the Right Test

The political atmosphere is intense worldwide today. There is always a tussle for power in politics, ideologies, institutions, from BJP and Congress to Democrats and Republicans, it’s is the competition to prove who is the best. As an aspirant of SAT or ACT, you shall have a similar tug of war in your mind but […]

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