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September, 2017

Registration for SAT Exam

                              Let’s understand here the few basic steps to register for the SAT exam. There are two main methods by which one can register for SAT exam. Go to the College Board Website. Register on the site with your email id. Sign […]

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Step by Step procedure on How to Register for ACT !

As a candidate, it is important to understand the correct procedure for registration of ACT. We shall go through this procedure in this article through the power tick marks. These are the tick marks which you should not forget and go with the flow of it. Go to the website of ACT – Create a […]

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ACT Science Section

Science is one of those subjects which are both miraculous and magical. Exploring sciences has been the quest of man since the ancient times and there have been many inventions and discovery owing to it. We shall take into consideration the Science section of ACT which is an exclusive section as SAT does not have […]

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