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All about ACT Math section

ACT Math Section

The Math section of the ACT is the second section in the order and the time allotted for the same is 60-minute. It is the longest section in the test.

About ACT Math Section | ReWiser

We shall cover this journey also through a simple table which shall serve as mind map for you as an aspirant.
The following table shows the basic details of the Math section:-

S. No. Name of the sub-topic Total no. of questions
1. Pre-Algebra 14 questions
2. Elementary Algebra 10 questions
3. Intermediate Algebra 9 questions
4. Co-ordinate Geometry 9 questions
5. Plane Geometry 14 questions
6. Trigonometry 4 questions


Let’s understand the components of each of these topics:-


The topic of the Pre-Algebra section can be understood from the following table:-

Sr no. Title of topic
1. Numbers i.e. whole numbers, rational numbers and integers
2. Order of operations i.e. Addition, subtraction, parenthesis, etc
3. Fractions which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions
4. Exponents and square roots
5. Charts, tables and graphs
6. Cross- multiplication
7. Absolute Value
8. Mean, median and mode
9. Counting principles
10. Factors and multiples
11. Probability
12. Ratio and Proportion



S.No. Title of the topic
1. Operations on Polynomials
2. Solving quadratic equations
3. Solving inequalities
4. Properties of Exponents and Logarithms
5. Roots
6. Using variables
7. Substitutions


S.No. Title of the topic
1. The quadratic formula
2. Absolute Value Equations
3. Systems of equations
4. Complex numbers
5. Rational expressions
6. Radical expressions
7. Inequalities
8. Matrices


S.No. Title of the topic
1. Slope
2. Distance & Section formula
3. Midpoint
4. Conics


S.No. Title of the topic
1. Relation to plane figures such as triangles, rectangles, circles, etc.
2. Angle relations
3. Line relations
4. Surface relations


S.No. Title of the topic
1. The basic ratios of trigonometry
2. Trigonometric graphs
3. Trigonometric identities and equations

There are some important parameters which a student must remember while attempting the Math section. The difficulty level of the questions increases along the section. The main focus of the Math section is the Algebraic concepts and a lion’s share is taken by it.

The Math section undoubtedly remains a very important section of ACT.

Keep looking at the blog for SAT Maths detailed syllabus and comparison between the two.


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