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ACT Reading Section

ACT Reading

Whenever, there are obstacles, you need to find a way out to reach your goal. One of the finest examples of this is Michael Jordan.

He writes,

ACT Reading Motivational | ReWiser

Taking inspiration from Michael Jordan, we know begin with then next stop in our journey i.e. the Reading Section of ACT.

The ACT reading section is 35 minutes long sections and has a total of 40 questions which can be further divided into 10 questions for four passages. There are some questions for which answers can be taken word for word from the passage.

Types of Passage

There are different types of passages which are ask on the ACT test. We can understand them as follows:-

Sr no. Sub-topic Content
1. Prose-fiction The prose fiction section is mostly based on short stories, novels, etc. Thus, the student must analyse the mood, rhythm and tone of the passage, the characters, different relations, etc. There is, however, no factual data associated with this particular section.
2. Humanities The passages in the humanities section is based on theatre, dance, philosophy, language, music, literature, etc. Here you can find a combination of authors’ views and opinions and the factual data.
3. Social sciences Social sciences’ passages are based on archaeology, business, economics, education, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology. Here, the students need to have an objective approach to understand the passages.
4. Natural sciences Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Zoology Technology are among the various topics covered in this section. The content is based on scientific writing with many diagrams, facts and figures.


As a candidate, there are some points which have to be keep in mind for the ACT reading section. You have to choose the best answer from the given choices. Sometimes, having a cursory glance of the questions before beginning to read the passage can be extremely helpful. It is very important also to keep in mind that the previous knowledge and reading should not be utilize to choose the correct answer. You have to just stick to the content of the passage. During the course of reading try and make notes which really help in streamlining the content.

Hope this helped, wait for our next blog on SAT Reading.


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