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ACT Science Section

Science is one of those subjects which are both miraculous and magical. Exploring sciences has been the quest of man since the ancient times and there have been many inventions and discovery owing to it.

ACT Science |Thomas Huxley

We shall take into consideration the Science section of ACT which is an exclusive section as SAT does not have a science section.

ACT Science Syllabus

The duration of the ACT science section is 35 minutes long which consist of 40 questions. There are 7 passages which the student have to attempt. It is a general view among the experts that the ACT Science section is more skill-oriented and not much knowledge oriented. These questions require logical approach to answer. This section tries to examine and evaluate the scientific knowledge you have obtained in High school. Following are the categories of topics covered in the ACT Science section :-

S.No. Topic Content
1. Biology Cell structure, biological evolution, basis of heredity, the interdependence of organisms, etc.
2. Chemistry Chemical reactions, properties of matter, structure of atoms, etc.
3. Earth Science and Space Science Astronomy, meteorology, geology, etc.
4. Physics Energy and matter- interaction and conservation, motions and forces, etc.

The optimistic angle to the science section is that it consists of different passages in the series of question.

The nature differs from passage to passage. There are three categories which have to consider :-

Data Representation:-

This section includes the graphical representation such as graphs, tables. Students have to read and go through these figures to analyse the given amount of scientific data. You have to make predictions and draw inferences.

Research Summaries:-

In this section, student have to read and analyze experiments, draw the inference, make predictions, etc. Each of these experiments has a specific structure.

Conflicting Viewpoints:-

This particular type of passage has hypotheses comparison. You have to find the similarities and differences between the two hypotheses, to find the hidden meaning of the given passage and making your inferences and conclusions by putting the data together.

We can say that having a basic understanding and good reading skill are prerequisites to answering the questions of the science section of ACT. Some sections require you to analyse and interpret the given data. The science section of ACT is not a very difficult and complex section to score with regular practice and decent knowledge of scientific terms.

ACT Science | Carl Dagan

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