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Tips and Strategies for ACT

ACT Tips and Strategies

I. Understand what is the focus of Math

The Math section problems focus on mathematical reasoning and not to a great extent on your calculation abilities. Hence, do not crowd your thoughts around a single question by trying to calculate some answer repeatedly.

II. Don’t get confused

There will be different difficult terms which are there complex scientific terminologies. Do not get confused by focusing on such terms too much.

ACT Science section

III. The ideas in the essay need be systematic and in a flow

Make your essay systematic and incorporate the different sections essential in it. Your essay should definitely have a flow.

Tips and strategies

IV. Learn the basic grammar rules

There are some basic grammar rules and regulations which you need to remember for the English Section. No wait, it’s just the basics! You need not bang your head with a fat grammar book now!

ACT Tips and Strategies | ReWiser

V. Keep the sentences crisp and complete to make it correct.

Learn to keep your sentences short and crisp. Complete your sentences properly so that it does not leave scope for interpretation. This helps in giving a meaning to the sentence.

VI. You have memorize necessary formula as ACT does not provide formula during examination

Do not forget to memorize the necessary formulae for your ACT examination. This is mainly because ACT does not provide formulae during the examination.

ACT Formulaes

VII. Careful use of calculator

It’s a good fortune that ACT is one of those few tests which allow the use of a calculator. Hence, there must be optimum and meticulous use of the calculator.

VIII. Take repeated practice test

Make yourself completely equipped with the skills to tackle the reading passages. Have a habit of repeated practice and know what are the different sections which shall appear during the exam? Familiarize yourself with the reading section.

IX. Move on if you don’t know a word

If there is any complex word that appears in the paper move on. Don’t waste your time on thinking about its meaning and what it implies in the question

X. Easy passages- tackle first!

When you are dealing with passages in the science section, have a cursory glance on which are the passages you would like to attempt first. This is the art of selecting the easy section first.

XI. The scientific content

When there are passages in the scientific content, try and keep your attention on the scientific content of the passage.

XII. Analyse perspective

In your essay, try and see if you have analysed different perspective and also added your thoughts into it. Do not forget to proof-read your essay.


XIII. Always trust your first answer:-

This is a magical formula. Always trust your first answer. Yes, it is indeed right because you choose it based on the content in your mind. Change your answer only if it’s essential.

XIV. Having the positive and confident attitude:-

Attitude is all that matters. Be positive and also be confident about your learning. Fear should not seep into your mind which actually destroys your optimism.


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