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ReWiser | AP Classes in Bangalore

About AP Classes

  • Subject SAT

    Subjects SAT

    SAT Subject Tests are college admission exams on specific subjects. These are the only national admission tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your strengths and interests. It test you on your knowledge of subjects on a high school level. Each test is an hour long. It has all multiple-choice questions and scored on a scale of 200-800.

    There are total of 20 subject tests in five general subject areas :

    1. Mathematics
      • Level 1
      • Level 2
    2. Science
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Biology E/M
    3. English
    4. Languages
    5. History

  • Advanced Placement Course or AP Course

    AP Classes

    It is a program in United States & Canada created by college board which offers college level curricula and examinations to high school students.

    You must be thinking why should people from other countries that this additional course ?

    If you wish to gain all of the below you should write AP’s

    • Stand out in College Admissions: Taking AP’s is a sign that you are up for the most rigorous classes and hence can take the pressure of tough college curriculum.
    • Earn College Credits: Most universities in US & Canada offers extra credit, advanced placements or both for qualifying AP Exams successfully. These credits can help you to save college tuition, study abroad or to secure a second major.
    • Skip Introductory classes: In case you are clear about your majors, then taking courses related to your majors help you to skip the basic course and advance to higher level courses in lesser time. Even in case you are not sure about your majors, taking unrelated AP course help you to clear general education requirements. This helps you do an additional major or minor.
    • Build Rigor: AP courses are believe to be strenuous and hence someone who is performing well in AP’s is suppose to be good in time management and study skills.

Our Approach

Programme Name: TARGET800 & 5ON5

At ReWiser we consistently strive towards improving our processes, methodology and positive impact on our students. To achieve this we analyse our learning from each year and implement the necessary changes identified.

  • Selection of subject: We help students to find out the subjects that they should take for Subject SAT & AP’s.
  • Smaller Batch Size: This enables us to provide more individualized attention for each student and deliver the best value.
  • Advanced and Main Batch: The smaller groups are made using the output from the diagnostic tests conducted at the start to ensure students of similar calibre are grouped together. This allows higher calibre students to go at a faster pace and not slow down due to others who might not be the same calibre. At the same time students with lower calibre are also able to achieve their optimal potential by spending more focused time even at some basic concepts if needed.
  • Personalized Books & Prep Material: The ReWiser team provide tried and tested books and other material to the students as part of this programme. This will include original copies of books by top authors/publications as well as specially prepared ReWiser coaching material and notes. The amount of material given to any particular students varies depending upon the interest and target score.

AP Classes Structure

  • Diagnostic Test to judge the current preparation level
  • Diagnostic Test Reports mailed to Parent’s and student
  • Around 30 hours and 50 hours of classroom teaching for Subject SAT & AP’s respectively
  • Around 30 hours of Assignment work
  • 10 mandatory full length tests
  • Full length tests detailed reports send to Parent’s & students for analysis

AP Subjects

  • For AP's

    AP Subject

    •  Calculus AB and Calculus BC
    •  Statistics
    •  Biology
    •  Chemistry
    •  Physics C: Mechanism and Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
    •  Physics 1: Algebra Based and Physics 2: Algebra Based
    •  English

  • For subject SAT

    Subject SAT

    • Maths Level 1 and Level 2
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology Ecological/Molecular
Name School NameSubjectScore
Aditya SinghNPS KMaths II800
PrasannTISBMaths II800
AryaNPS IPhysics800
Shrey BhateNPS IMaths II800
GowriDPS EMaths II800
AkshathHead StartMaths II800
AanandiNPS HSRMaths II800
MaitreyiNPS KMaths II800
Rohan AIndusMaths II800
Rohit KNPS KChemistry800
Rahul V Allen IntegratedChemistry800
Rahul VAllen IntegratedMaths II800
Rohit KNPS KPhysics800
AnirudhDPS EastChemistry800
Talin BajajHead StartMaths II800
PranayInventureMaths II800
Manasi KMallya AditiMaths II800
BharathHead StartMaths II800
PrithikaNPS KMaths II800
BharathHead StartPhysics800
AshwiniNPS IMaths II800
CamranMallya AditiPhysics800
AryaNPS IMaths II800
UdayveerMallya AditiPhysics800
UdayveerMallya AditiMaths II800
YohanNPS KMaths II800
Ayush ANPS K Maths II800
Krishna KHead StartMaths II800
Arnav TISBMaths II800
Arnav TISBChemistry800
Pranav KTISBMaths II800
Ayush A NPS KPhysics 800
AnirudhDPS EastMaths II800
Anirudh DPS East Physics800
CamranMallya AditiMaths II800
CamranMallya AditiChemistry800
Ayush ANPS KMaths II800
Aditya SinghNPS KPhysics800
Krishna KHead StartPhysics800
NeshaNPS HSRChemistry800
NeshaNPS HSRMaths II800
Anjali MNPS HSRMaths II800
Anjali MNPS HSRPhysics800
PadmashriPrimus Maths II790
AkshathNPS IPhysics790
ShreyNPS IPhysics790
ChandanaNPS KMaths II780
GowriDPS EChemistry780
Rohan AIndus Chemistry780
AanandiNPS HSRChemistry780
SiddharthNPS HSRMaths II780
Rohan AIndus Physics 770
GowriDPS EPhysics770
Rahul VAllen IntegratedPhysics770
SiddharthNPS HSRPhysics 770
Pranav KTISBChemistry760
AryaNPS IChemistry760
Nikhil LNPS KMaths II760

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