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Some important Terms for IB Parents

The full IB diploma The IB diploma is a World wide -recognized qualification awarded to students who fulfill all required components of the 2-years IB Diploma Programme (DP). To receive the full IB diploma, students must Take three Higher level (HL) and three Standard level (SL) courses and exams Complete the DP core requirements, and Be awarded a minimum […]

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Registration for SAT Exam

                              Let’s understand here the few basic steps to register for the SAT exam. There are two main methods by which one can register for SAT exam. Go to the College Board Website. Register on the site with your email id. Sign […]

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Step by Step procedure on How to Register for ACT !

As a candidate, it is important to understand the correct procedure for registration of ACT. We shall go through this procedure in this article through the power tick marks. These are the tick marks which you should not forget and go with the flow of it. Go to the website of ACT – Create a […]

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ACT Science Section

Science is one of those subjects which are both miraculous and magical. Exploring sciences has been the quest of man since the ancient times and there have been many inventions and discovery owing to it. We shall take into consideration the Science section of ACT which is an exclusive section as SAT does not have […]

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SAT | ACT Essay Overview

In this article we shall aim to understand the essence of the optional essay section of SAT and ACT:- The essay section in ACT: The new ACT has made it quite simple to attempt the ACT Essay. The nature of the essay is argumentative. E.g. The mobile phone is harmful to the contemporary generations. There […]

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ACT Reading Section

Whenever, there are obstacles, you need to find a way out to reach your goal. One of the finest examples of this is Michael Jordan. He writes, Taking inspiration from Michael Jordan, we know begin with then next stop in our journey i.e. the Reading Section of ACT. The ACT reading section is 35 minutes long […]

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Math Section in SAT

Math always instils fear in the minds of the students. To tackle the Math section has always been regarded as one of the most difficult components of exam for many students. The SAT Math section exam is essentially divided into – a calculator based section and a no-calculator based section. In the no calculator section […]

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All about ACT Math section

The Math section of the ACT is the second section in the order and the time allotted for the same is 60-minute. It is the longest section in the test. We shall cover this journey also through a simple table which shall serve as mind map for you as an aspirant. The following table shows […]

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Tips and Strategies for ACT

I. Understand what is the focus of Math The Math section problems focus on mathematical reasoning and not to a great extent on your calculation abilities. Hence, do not crowd your thoughts around a single question by trying to calculate some answer repeatedly. II. Don’t get confused There will be different difficult terms which are […]

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