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Parents Testimonials

Mr. & Mrs. Gupta

Both my girls have been with the Rewiser team for the past couple of years. What's wonderful about this institution is that the entire team is made up of hand picked highly qualified educators. A lot of care was taken to find the right fit between student and mentor and the emphasis is solely on enabling the child to really understand and enjoy the subject.

This, in itself sets them miles apart from other institutions that are only interested in a quick buck with no interest in the children's welfare. Choosing Rewiser is really a no-brainer!

Teena Nachappa

Tanvi is doing much better in her Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics not because she has by- hearted every word from the text and notes, but because she has understood what is being taught. And THAT is a credit to her teachers and everybody working at Rewiser.

You all work as a team,making the children so casually comfortable that they always feel they are around friends and hence open to discussions regarding their own curriculum and progress which in turn, makes the children feel responsible for themselves.

In Tanvi's case, you have tried understanding her weakness not as a negative but as a hurdle to glide over and worked around it without making her conscious from which, she is still benefiting. Moreover, I as a parent, was made so comfortable at your office, I feel we are all friends and not parents & tutors.

In the end, all I want to say is that Tanvi is happy to attend her tuitions week after week - a better testimonial you won't find !

We are very happy to be associated with you all. Thank you Rewiser Team !

Mr & Mrs Babu

Rewiser has a team of excellent teachers who teach the subject from the basic level.The worksheets provided by them at the end of each session help the students immensely. The mistakes made are corrected and doubts are cleared.It provides a caring , friendly and enjoyable environment which prepares the students to the rigours of the formal examination.


Thanks to Re-Wiser, I am now able to comprehend subjects to greater depths!


"I have found that this institute has really helped me focus more on my             academics and has really helped me improve on mathematics skills. "



This institution has helped me a lot in my mathematics. I have performed                  60% better since I joined!


Rewiser has really helped me. It’s the one class I look forward to every week. They have a really interesting and tough way of teaching. But it really helps command because of all the work they make me do I can even show off in Class ☺.


Its an amazing platform for students to learn to study better. Very good teachers, caring people and friendly atmosphere. Very helpful.


     I attended Rewiser for AS and A Level coaching (PCMB). The institute's professional and calm atmosphere allowed me to focus all my energy to my studies. The teaching was of the highest standard and all the teachers were friendly, easy to relate to and taught in ways that all the students could understand. They kept in mind the levels of different students and maintained a friendly relationship with everyone . With their 360° planning and help I was able to achieve the best of my ability. Overall I found the experience to be much more comprehensive and complete when compared to all the other training centers out there.


A rigorous training program with a foolproof ' unit' system and great teachers! However in group classes, pace could be further optimized.


The classes at ReWiser are very interactive and intriguing. The environment is more suitable to our needs and the one on one sessions are very helpful. The teachers are very responsive and firm at the same time consequently increasing chances of better grades.

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