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SAT | ACT Essay Overview

SAT | ACT Essay

ACT Essay | William H. Gass

In this article we shall aim to understand the essence of the optional essay section of SAT and ACT:-

The essay section in ACT: The new ACT has made it quite simple to attempt the ACT Essay. The nature of the essay is argumentative. E.g. The mobile phone is harmful to the contemporary generations. There are three different perspectives provided for this issue. The student is expected to analyse, evaluate and develop the perspectives. The main aim of the essay test is to evaluate the writing skills of the student. Some examples can be utilise to add substance to the essay only if it is well deploy.

SAT Essay | Richard Bach

The essay section in SAT: This section has 50 minutes allotted to it. It’s optional but it is always recommend that the students opt to attempt this section. The passage have to carefully read and evaluate. The target is to understand the main point of the passage. The important point is to structure the essay with the presence of thesis, main body and the conclusion. It is essential to use good grammar and style to write the essay. It is important to keep a balanced view point in your essay.

SAT Essay | Thomas Mann


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