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SAT Classes

SAT Classes | AIM1600 and PERFECT36


About SAT Classes

SAT Classes in Bangalore provides training for standardized tests conduct to assess college readiness of a senior school student. It is an assessment of skills the student have to learn in the past 4-5 years, highly focus in Math and English.

In the past few years every student has developed a different learning style and thinking pattern. Some students perform better in tests that require more of analytical skills and critical thinking. Such students usually perform in SAT results. Other students who prefer a more direct and straightforward test approach and are adept readers do better in ACT exam.

 Three main Components of the SAT Classes:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • Math/ Quantitative 
  • Essay (Optional)

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

The SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section of the SAT course asks you to analyze, synthesize, and interpret data from various sources like informational graphics, such as tables, charts, and graphs, as well as multi-paragraph passages in the areas of literature, literary nonfiction, the humanities, science, history and social studies, and on topics about work and career.

The Writing and Language Test of SAT exam also focuses on command of evidence. It asks you to analyze a series of sentences/ paragraphs and decide if it makes sense. Other questions ask you to interpret graphics and to edit a part of the accompanying passage so that it clearly and accurately communicates the information.

SAT Math

The SAT Math Test of SAT Exam focus deeply on three essential areas of math section of SAT Exam:-

  • Problem Solving & Data Analysis consists of ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning to solve problems in science, social science & career contexts.
  • The Heart of Algebra focus on the proficiency of linear equations and systems, which helps students to develop key powers of abstraction.
  • Passport to Advanced Math focuses on more complex equations and the manipulation they require.

SAT Essay

The SAT Essay also tests command of evidence. After reading a passage, you are asked to determine how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience through the use of evidence, reasoning, or stylistic and persuasive devices.

SAT Test Dates & Registration Deadlines


U.S. Dates                                                                                                        International Dates

Test Date

October 7, 2017
November 4, 2017
December 2, 2017
March 10, 2018
May 5, 2018
June 2, 2018

Registration Deadline

September 8, 2017
October 5, 2017
November 2, 2017
February 9, 2018
April 6, 2018
May 3, 2018

Test Date

October 7, 2017
December 2, 2017
March 10, 2018
May 5, 2018

Registration Deadline

September 8, 2017
November 2, 2017
February 9, 2018
April 6, 2018


Our Approach

Programme Name: AIM1600

We have delivered the best SAT results via our Best SAT classes in Bangalore. At ReWiser we consistently strive towards improving our processes, methodology and positive impact on our students. To achieve this we analyse our learning from each year and implement the necessary changes identified. By using the same approach for SAT Classes we have been able to deliver the best SAT results in not just Bangalore but all across the world.

  • Combined SAT & ACT Programme: To help students make an informed decision if they should attempt any one or both, ACT and SAT Classes. This helps the student to improve the probability of getter better percentile.
  • Smaller Batch Size: This enables us to provide more individualized attention for each student and deliver the best value.
  • Advanced and Main Batch: The smaller groups are made using the output from the diagnostic tests conducted at the start to ensure students of similar merit are grouped together. This allows high merit students to go at a faster pace and not slow down due to others who might not be the same merit. At the same time students with low merit are also able to achieve their optimal potential by spending more focused time even at some basic concepts if needed.
  • Personalized Books & Prep Material: The ReWiser team provide tried and tested books and other material to the students as part of this programme. This will include original copies of books by top authors/publications as well as specially prepared ReWiser coaching material and notes. The amount of material given to any particular students varies depending upon the interest and target score.

SAT Class Structure

  • Diagnostic Tests for both ACT & SAT Classes
  • Diagnostic Reports mailed to Parent’s and student
  • Around 60 hours of classroom teaching
  • Around 60 hours of Assignment
  • Section Tests after completion of individual sections – Reading, Writing, Maths & Science
  • Reports comparing scores with Diagnostic tests send to Parent’s & students to access the improvement level
  • 6 mandatory full length tests – 3 for SAT & 3 for ACT
  • Full length tests detailed reports send to Parent’s & students for analysis
  • 20+ Additional full-length tests
AnjaliGreenwood High1580
Rohan GuptaTISB1580
Varun SinghMallya Aditi1570
Sannivas ReddyGreenwood High1570
Rohan KapoorNPS Indiranagar1560
Ayush AgarwalNPS Koramangala1560
Vishesh AgarwalGreenwood High1560
Camran Mallya Aditi1550
VilinaNPS K1550
Sachit LumbaMallya Aditi1550
AniketNPS Koramangala1540
Ria K.NAFL1540
Anvitaa ANPS K1540
Pranav K MenonTISB1540
Maitreyi KaleNPS Koramangala1540
Eehit RayNPS HSR1530
Anvit PTISB1530
Ratan Greenwood High1530
ShreyasNPS HSR1530
AdityaNPS K1530
MahirMallya Aditi1530
Aviral Greenwood High1520
Shreya GNew Horizon1520
Aroosh MLa Martiniere Calcutta1520
Aryan VMallya Aditi1520
MuskannIndus International1510
Shrey BhateNPS Indiranagar1510
PrithviGreenwood High1510
AmartyaHead Start1510
Rohan AIndus International1500
Aaditya SinghNPS Koramangala1500
Rajdeep NPS K1500
PrithikaNPS Koramangala1500
Arya PudotaNPS Indiranagar1490
Advaith PNeev Academy1490
VedanthHead Start1490
Pranay PeriwalGreenwood High1480
Rohit KNPS Koramangala1480
Ria ChawlaMallya Aditi1480
PadmaTreamis World school1480
Anvit TISB1480
AnirudhDPS East1480
NDGreenwood High1480
Gowri HarishDPS East1480
MeghnaMallya Aditi1480
Tarun MGreenwood High1480
Nikita NachnaniNPS Koramangala1470
Rahul NPS K1470
Manasi KenkereMallya Aditi1470
Anaya BNPS HSR1470
KashishGreenwood High1470
Karnika DPS East1470
MayurLa Martiniere Calcutta1470
Aditya DHead Start1470
Rishabh GTISB1460
AkashGreenwood High1460
Diya SinhaNPS I1460
MohanishHead Start1460
Siddhant GNPS HSR1450
RamNPS K1450
Talin BajajHead Start1450
NandhiniIndus International1450
Diya BCanadian International School1450
Nesha PrabaharNPS HSR1440
Rayyan KhanNew Horizon1440
Krishna AdityaNPS K1440
Nithin CCanadian International School1440
Pranay BhootraInventure Academy1430
AbhinavNPS K1430
PrashanthNeev Academy1430
AanandiNPS HSR1420
Viva MMallya Aditi1420
Sanjana DNPS HSR1420
PunitaSri Chaitanya1410
AashnaInventure Academy1400

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