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What is SAT Exam?


In the era of globalisation, there are so many competitive exams which have appear. In this ocean of examinations, SAT is one droplet. SAT is the exam which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test conducted by the College Board.

Why should an aspirant have complete information on SAT exam?

It’s all about beginning with a Why? It is the power of Why that sets you on a new journey. Inspiring leader have always begun their work starting with the Why?

Being an aspirant of SAT exam, we definitely urge you to watch the video of Golden circle by Simon Sinek.
The link is given below:-

Simon Sinek on the Golden Circle

(Simon Sinek on the Golden Circle)
You are one among the millions of SAT exam aspirants. There are more than a million SAT aspirants each year!
Seeing this astonishing number it is important for you to understand and get clarity about SAT for the following reasons:-
1. You need to streamline and understand your strengths and weaknesses as far as the test is concerned.
2. Understanding about SAT in detail helps you to get an idea of various components of the exam and plan your preparation accordingly.
3. Getting complete information about SAT sets you on the right track on how to score for the exam?

How and when did SAT begin?

Let’s analyse the questions when and how SAT exam began? As an aspirant it is important for you to introspect the Historical Background and evolution of SAT exam.
It all began during the period of World War I. One of the leading the members from IQ testing movement – Mr. Robert Yerkes requested the United States Army to let him test all the recruits for the intelligence quotient. It was titled the Army Alpha test. Cal Brighman was one of the assistants to Robert Yerkes who after the war utilized this Test for college admissions. Its pilot run which was successfully administered was in the year 1926.

When James Bryant Conant became the President of Harvard in 1933, he made a decision to start a new scholarship program for academically strong boys. Henry Chauncey, the assistant dean was given the task of finding a suitable test. It was after this that Chauncey met Carl Brigham. Chauncey came back to Conant with the idea of SAT exam. In 1938, the recommendation was given to use SAT as a uniform exam but exclusively for scholarship applicants. During the Second World War, SAT became the only test for the applicants as all the other admission tests were abolished. In 1944, the SAT was administered and given by more than 3 lakh candidates on a single day.
James       Robert      Henry
(JAMES CONANT)                 (ROBERT YERKES)              (HENRY CHAUNCEY)

What should you know about SAT?

Now, that we have understood about the fundamental details for you as a SAT exam aspirant it is also important to know the structural information about SAT exam.
1) Reading Section
2) Writing Section
3) Math Section (with and without the calculator)
4) Optional Essay Section

What is the significance of SAT? How important is it to take the SAT exam?

So you are all set to give the SAT exam. Another major thought that seeps into your mind is what will I achieve by giving SAT exam? What is the importance of SAT exam for me as a student which will influence my future career?
So dear buddy aspirant let’s evaluate this question also for you.
SAT examinations have been important for getting scholarships, university admissions and also to demonstrate your college preparedness level. This exam is consider as an ideal test for application of your knowledge which you have learnt in your school. SAT also introduce fee-waiver 40 years back and today more than 20% of students utilize the privilege of fee-waivers.

Motivational quote for you to happily end your reading……….

Don't Give Up

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