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Math Section in SAT


Math always instils fear in the minds of the students. To tackle the Math section has always been regarded as one of the most difficult components of exam for many students.

SAT Math Section | Maths fear - SAT & ACT

The SAT Math section exam is essentially divided into – a calculator based section and a no-calculator based section.

In the no calculator section the student has to attempt 20 questions (15 MCQs + 5 Grid-in questions) within the duration of 25 minutes.

The calculator based section has 38 questions divide into 30 MCQs and 8 Grid-in questions which have to attempt within the time of 55 minutes.

This actually implies that there are approximately 1.5 minutes to attempt each question in calculator-based section. There is an allotted time of 1.25 minutes for each question in the no-calculator section. A proper systematic practice of concepts and formulae can help you in optimum utilisation of the time given to each question.

The Math section requires some essential tips and strategies to boost the Math scores. The two types of questions which the students will face in the Math section are:-

  • Multiple- Choice Questions
  • Grid-ins

Topics in SAT Math Section

The topics in the Math section includes:-

1) Numbers and Operators
2) Algebra I and Algebra II
3) Algebraic Functions
4) Geometry
5) Statistics
6) Probability
7) Data Analysis

These questions are always arrange in the order of difficulty. The main focus is to test Algebra based efficiency and fluency.

The students are expects to remember the important formulae, rules, equations, substitution of values. Students must surely achieve a mastery over this process.


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