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Reading Section of SAT !

SAT Reading Section

There cannot be absolute perfection. There can be excellence in what we do. However, this can be achieve by what we continuously do, by what we repeatedly do. The great Greek philosopher and father of Political Science, Aristotle articulates it in his quote,

Taking inspiration from this, let’s begin understanding the reading section of SAT.

The SAT reading test can be essentially understand under the following heads.

  • Sentence completion.
  • Passage-based reading.

Active reading is a significant skill required for SAT reading section. The job of the student is to find the only one right answer amongst the given choices.

The duration of reading section is 65 minutes and there are total no. of 52 questions to be attempted.

There are 4 sets of questions for a total no. of 5 passages. One set of questions is based on a pair of passages.

The main aim of SAT Reading Section is to check vocabulary, reasoning and reading skills. The questions will assess your analytical skills and understanding.

The passages in the Reading Section of SAT are of different nature and it contain all the necessary information to answer the relative questions.

Sr no. Type of the passage
1. Passages based on both classical and contemporary literature not only from the United States but around the world.
2. Passages based on social sciences which include law, political science, sociology, education, history, etc
3. Document which is historically important from the United States or foundational texts.
4. Passages based on concepts of natural sciences, biology, chemistry physics, earth science, etc.


The planning and preparation is base on the understanding of aims and objectives of the Reading section and the nature of passages.


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