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Components of SAT Exam

SAT Section

This article shall explore the various components of SAT exam. It shall enable you as an aspirant to get a bird’s eye view of each of these components. The main objective is to get clarity of them and plan preparations accordingly.


Reading Section basically tests the knowledge you have learnt in your High School. This section has all multiple choice questions based on passages. The topics are based on literature, social sciences, global politics, and two science passages.

SAT - Reading Section


The SAT writing section allows the student to assume the role of an editor while attempting the questions. There are approximately 48 seconds to answer each question. The student should be able to read whatever is essential from an abstract. In this section, the student must read the questions and then the passage accordingly. Thus, the SAT writing section asks you to fix mistakes in sentences, check punctuation, and revise the sentences.

SAT - Writing Section


This section has 80 minutes allotted for it with a total number of 58 questions. There are 38 questions for the calculator portion which has 55 minutes allotted for it and there are 20 questions with an allotted time of 25 minutes for the no-calculator segment. The topics which are covered are Algebra, Problem-solving and data analysis, advanced math and other additional topics.

SAT - Maths Section

Optional Essay

The SAT essay is more argumentative with regards to a general and subjective question complete within 50 minutes time which is much more than the previous pattern of SAT. Some Colleges may require the Writing Essay Test, so be sure to check before you register for the SAT Exam. You can opt for the optional essay section even if you haven’t register with it at first.

SAT Essay Section

As an aspirant, these basic points should remain etched in your mind as they serve as the foundation for building one each for these blocks.


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