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Why Us?

During grades 9 to 12 about 75% of a student’s time goes towards academics. We work with them helping them identify the tasks that need completion in each subject. During these crucial years they cannot afford to drop the ball where academics is concerned. We therefore provide full academic support and while coaching them; the skills required to achieve this plan.

Our aim is to reduce the percentage of external help that students use to achieve their academic goals. We help them gain confidence and equip themselves with skills on how to attempt a task with full sincerity, executed to a higher level of excellence and to do this consistently. The student starts to reduce the percentage of external help, slowly wean off dependencies, start relying on their own skills to achieve their academic targets. They learn to work independently and not depend on external sources. This not only gets them ready for college but also creates a better work ethic and makes them far more self reliant.

1Academic Success  |   Achieving one’s potential

Working sincerely |  Consistently

Gaining Confidence  |  Learning to work independently