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SAT | ACT | IB | IGCSE | AP Classes in Bangalore

Why ReWiser ?

ReWiser offers multidisciplinary classroom preparation for tests such as SAT,ACT, IB, IGCSE and AP. We are highly rated company training students for SAT, ACT, AP, IGCSE & IB Exams. We provide best SAT/ACT/IB/IGCSE/AP Classes in Bangalore.

ReWiser is committed to providing students with the skills necessary to achieve academic success. Our programmes are designed to help each student attain full academic potential for SAT | ACT | IB | IGCSE | AP classes in Bangalore.

In order to use classroom instructions effectively, students need to give many hours of work outside the class (before and after) to understand the concepts being taught. While it is important to know what to study it is even more important to learn how to study. So that all these hours are spent wisely.

We work with students and help them connect the dots ahead. We enable students to plan their journey, understand the need for doing so and help them execute this complicated journey navigating through the numerous distractions which restrain their progress at every step.

CBSE Tutorials Services, International General Certificate Sec Education Service & SAT And ACT Service Service Provider offered by ReWiser from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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ACT Exam | Science Section Overview

An earlier post gives insight into the ACT exam as a whole. Let's look at the Science section of the ACT exam. The Science section is the fourth section of the ACT which comes after the Math section. Science Section Overview Math section contains 40 questions to be answered in 35 minutes. The Science section tests your ability in three different formats. Data Representation, Research Summaries or conflicting viewpoints. On average, you would get about 68 seconds per question, including the time to read. The questions require you to examine critically the relationship between the information provided and the hypothesis developed, generalize from given information to gain new information, draw conclusions, or make predictions. Some of the questions may require in-depth knowledge in certain courses of science. Science section tests your ability on the following topics. Interpretation of Data (45 - 55%), Scientific

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ACT | Test Dates in 2018 - 2019

Following are the test dates for ACT in 2018-2019. The dates for 2019-2020 are expected to be put up on the ACT official website in summer of 2019. Sep 7–8, 2018: Register by Aug 10 (or Aug 31 + late fee) Oct 26–27, 2018:    Register by Sep 28 (or Oct 19 + late fee) Dec 7–8, 2018: Register by Nov 2 (or Nov 30 + late fee) Feb 8–9, 2019, or Mar 2, 2019*: Register by Feb 1 (no late fee will apply for either test date) Apr 12–13, 2019: Register by Mar 22 (or Apr 5 + late fee) Jun 7–8, 2019: Register by May 17 (or May 31 + late fee) *In observance of the Chinese New Year, select locations will administer the test on March 2nd, 2019. No late fee will apply for either test event. Stay tuned for more

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  • ReWiser has really helped me. It’s the one class I look forward to every week. They have a really interesting and tough way of teaching. But it really helps command because of all the work they make me do I can even show off in Class.


  • Its an amazing platform for students to learn to study better. Very good teachers, caring people and friendly atmosphere. Very helpful.


  • The classes at ReWiser are very interactive and intriguing. The environment is more suitable to our needs and the one on one sessions are very helpful. The teachers are very responsive and firm at the same time consequently increasing chances of better grades.


  • Both my girls have been with the ReWiser team for the past couple of years. What’s wonderful about this institution is that the entire team is made up of hand picked highly qualified educators. A lot of care was taken to find the right fit between student and mentor and the emphasis is solely on enabling the child to really understand and enjoy the subject.

    This, in itself sets them miles apart from other institutions that are only interested in a quick buck with no interest in the children’s welfare. Choosing ReWiser is really a no-brainer!

  • Tanvi is doing much better in her Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics not because she has by- hearted every word from the text and notes, but because she has understood what is being taught. And THAT is a credit to her teachers and everybody working at ReWiser.
    You all work as a team,making the children so casually comfortable that they always feel they are around friends and hence open to discussions regarding their own curriculum and progress which in turn, makes the children feel responsible for themselves.
    We are very happy to be associated with you all. Thank you ReWiser Team !

    Teena Nachappa

  • ReWiser has a team of excellent teachers who teach the subject from the basic level.The worksheets provided by them at the end of each session help the students immensely. The mistakes made are corrected and doubts are cleared. It provides a caring , friendly and enjoyable environment which prepares the students to the rigours of the formal examination.

    Mr & Mrs Babu

  • A rigorous training program with a foolproof ‘unit’ system and great teachers! However in group classes, pace could be further optimized.


  • The ReWiser programme is truly phenomenal in the way it structures not only classes but also self study. Because I took SAT and ACT classes, I was able to make an informed decision on what worked for me, and prep for that completely.

    ACT Score: 34/36

    Ashwini Narayanan

  • The ReWiser program was great. It helped me perform at higher levels than I thought I was capable of. ReWiser supported me throughout and my scores wouldn’t have been good without them.

    SAT score: 1500/1600  SAT Math : 800/800

    Aaditya Singh

  • The environment at ReWiser ensured that I make most of my time. Endless hours of practice coupled with Cherry aunty’s pep talks and Rajdeep sir’s advice helped me bring all that I have to the table. The tips and pointers were invaluable especially on the day of the exam.

    ACT Score : 32/36  Reading : 36/36


  • I have to really thank ReWiser for helping me achieve my score. I felt there were 3 main reasons why I achieved this score: At ReWiser I had a lot of resources to use. The faculty was very helpful, considerate and easily accessible. I did many papers!

    ACT Score: 33/36  Science Score: 36/36

    Krishna K

  • ReWiser course helped me because of the variety of material this exposed me to alongside the capable tutelage under which I was able to get my scores.

    ACT Score : 33/36 Reading : 35/36

    Krishna Amar

  • ReWiser not only covered all the topics, strategies and tricks required but also provided me with enough material ensuring a good score.

    SAT Score: 1470/1600

    Nikita Nachnani